Dogs and cats

At “Le Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal”, we love your pets, and we take care of them. Who said spoil? At their arrival, they will be welcomed with lamb or chicken mini-cupcakes, put right next to their bowl and their bottle of Evian with a welcoming note, and, of course, a divine fluffy pillow.
“Le Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal” will delight them with unique miniature pastries made by “Made In Pet”, a provider specialized in sweets for cats and dogs using the best and the finest french ingredients, healthy and 100% natural.
(Extra fees for accompanying pets: €35)


  • Margiela, les années Hermès

    Margiela, les années Hermès..

    DATE: 12 March 2018

    When the executives at the French luxury fashion label, Hermes, picked Belgian designer Martin Margiela for the position of creative director in 1997, the decision sent ripples across the fashion world. Margiela's designs with his own Maison Martin Margiel

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