Green Attitude / Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal

Green attitude

The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal is proud to support actions for sustainable development. A number of daily actions are based on this environmental approach. Our Action Plan is available at the Front desk and includes for instance:
- Specific measures in energy savings
- Sorting of waste (Paper, batteries, light bulbs, glass, ink cartridges)
- Effective management of water
- Reuse of towels and sheets
- Our commitment to our suppliers
- Selection of local food products (to reduce shipping distances)
- LEDS bulbs are energy-saving.
You may also join us in our commitment to conserve during your stay. For example, we offer you the choice to change your towels every day or to reuse them.
In addition, our concierge will be pleased to offer you the possibility to visit Paris by public transportation
cycling or by “green” car.

In 2018, the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal won the Green Key Label for the fifth year in a row, testifying its commitment towards the environment. Being a green key property, the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal provides a sustainable environment, natural resources and applies an eco-friendly policy in all areas. All of our team also gives special care to the environment through green actions, such as sustainable purchase, effective water management or selective sorting.

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