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From the most classic to the most surprising, follow all the Paris Events news on the blog of The Grand Hotel du Palais Royal, and be the 1st to book your front row seats !

The Paris Salon du Chocolat 20..

DATE: 18 October 2018

The Salon du Chocolat experience is one that needs to be seen to be believed. Many chocolate lovers will have a good idea in their heads about what a grand celebration of chocolate should look like. Still, guests at the Porte de Versailles may be surprised at

A Dream of Italy: The Marquis ..

DATE: 16 October 2018

Some of the most interesting, and most unique art exhibitions occur when two or more major players unite to collaborate on a vast project. Major galleries and organisations combine talents and resources for a never-before-seen spectacle of art. That

The cruel stories of Paula Reg..

DATE: 05 October 2018

There is something immediately engaging about the work of Lisbon-born artist Paula Rego. It would be difficult to describe her work as pretty or beautiful. In fact, it is the darkness of the pieces and the nightmare-ish vibes that keep the viewers' at

Waves of Renewal: Modern Japan..

DATE: 24 September 2018

Paris is currently celebrating The Year of Japan. So far, the city has seen a number of exhibitions that honour the eras and traditions of Japanese art work – such as the Treasures of Kyoto. Then there are the Japanese artists taking

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