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Dazzling Venice at the Grand P..

DATE: 18 July 2018

The exhibition spaces of Grand Palais are somewhere that many art lovers will visit countless times over the year. Curators here have a habit of bringing shows that ensure that patrons take a second look at an artist, movement or location from another per

Festival Classique au vert in ..

DATE: 12 July 2018

The Parc Floral de Paris is a beautiful setting in the Jardin Botanique de Paris. Many couples and families will spend long summers afternoons here enjoying the sunshine and the flower. The gardens are practically their own little art gallery, with all the&nbs

Gustav Klimt : An Immersive Ex..

DATE: 05 July 2018

There is something about the art gallery experience that some people struggle with. It doesn’t matter who is on show, or the medium of the work, because some simply find the quiet, static galleries to be dull and restrictive. That is where galleries

Kupka Pioneer of Abstraction..

DATE: 28 June 2018

There are many people that are dismissive of abstraction as an art form. Some that are casual gallery patrons can feel that it is beyond their understanding. Art lovers may ignore it in favour of other approaches in fine art. However, a new retrospec

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