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Palais Royal

Palais Royal

Located in the 1st district of the city, the Palais-Royal brings together an ensemble of impressive monuments including galleries, a palace, a garden and even a theater. Visitors can find the Palais-Royal in the center of Paris, just north of the Louvre, making it the perfect spot to visit and get a glimpse of the rich history of France.
The structure was created in the early 17th century and became the home of a series of royals such as Philippe I and Jérôme Bonaparte. In 1780, the Duke of Chartres turned the Palais-Royal into what it is today — adding new buildings all along the periphery, constructing a new theater and circus, and renting out the ground-floor space to merchants. The Duke hoped to make the area a center of attraction for all of Paris, and in many ways he succeeded. From that point on, the Palais-Royal was the place where all Parisians wanted to go to shop and entertain themselves.
These days, the Palais-Royal offers fewer amusements as it houses various administrative branches of the French government. Although there have been many projects seeking to modify the structure throughout the years, so far the Palais-Royal has managed to remain untouched since the 19th century. The commercial and entertainment atmosphere is much less prevalent there today than it was in the days of the Duke of Chartres, but the most beautiful aspects, like the Comédie Française theater and the garden, remain.
In an attempt to modernize the Palais-Royal, a contemporary art installation was placed in the main courtyard of the building. This installation is composed of small striped columns of various sizes whose modern design juxtaposes the traditionalism of the palace just behind them. As such, the Palais-Royal continues to be a place of life and culture in the center of Paris.

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How to get there

Just a walking distance from the Grand Hotel du Palais Royal in less than 2 minutes !