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Coveted Magazine
Coveted Magazine June 2017

National Geographic
National Geographic April 2017

Time Out Paris
Time Out Paris February 2017

PHD Travel
PHD Travel January 2017

L'officiel January 2017

Dreambook January 2017

Paris Premier
Paris Premier January 2017

Vogue Paris
Vogue Paris December 2016

Sunday Telegraph
Sunday Telegraph December 2016

La Parisienne
La Parisienne December 2016

Us News - Best Hôtel 2016
Us News - Best Hôtel 2016 November 2016

Madame Figaro Magazine Chine
Madame Figaro Magazine Chine November 2016

Harper's Bazaar
Harper's Bazaar November 2016

Hôtellerie Restauration
Hôtellerie Restauration November 2016

Tango Magazine
Tango Magazine November 2016

Condé Nast Traveller's Choice
Condé Nast Traveller's Choice October 2016

European Riches
European Riches August 2016

Where April 2016

Where March 2016

Say I Love You
Say I Love You February 2016

Paris Premier
Paris Premier January 2016

Small Luxury Hotel
Small Luxury Hotel January 2016

Condé Nast Traveller
Condé Nast Traveller November 2015

Hotel Lodge
Hotel Lodge July 2015

Golf Time for Travel
Golf Time for Travel June 2015

Best Restaurants Paris
Best Restaurants Paris May 2015

Preferred Hotels & Resorts
Preferred Hotels & Resorts April 2015

Collector Square
Collector Square April 2015

Guide Paris Premier
Guide Paris Premier April 2015

Spa & Wellness
Spa & Wellness April 2015

Best Restaurants Paris
Best Restaurants Paris April 2015

Premium April 2015

Air France Madame
Air France Madame February 2015

Paris Capitale
Paris Capitale February 2015

Paris January 2015

Best Restaurants Paris 2015
Best Restaurants Paris 2015 January 2015

Luxury Travel Advisor
Luxury Travel Advisor August 2014

Ideat July 2014

The Daily Startore
The Daily Startore June 2014

Infrarouge June 2014

Paris Capitale
Paris Capitale June 2014

Vogue Australia
Vogue Australia May 2014

Consultants Immobilier
Consultants Immobilier April 2014

Grazia April 2014

Madame Figaro Japan
Madame Figaro Japan April 2014

Maison Française Magazine
Maison Française Magazine April 2014

Vins gastronomie
Vins gastronomie March 2014

Voyage de Luxe
Voyage de Luxe March 2014

Désirs de Voyages
Désirs de Voyages March 2014

Infrarouge March 2014

TV Magazine
TV Magazine February 2014

Le Parisien Magazine
Le Parisien Magazine February 2014

Résidences décoration
Résidences décoration February 2014

Côté For Paris Visitors
Côté For Paris Visitors February 2014

Elle February 2014

Valeurs Actuelles
Valeurs Actuelles January 2014

Edgar January 2014

NouvelObs January 2014

Destination Guide - Preferred boutiques, hotels and resorts
Destination Guide - Preferred boutiques, hotels and resorts December 2018